Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sally and Louis's pastel wedding flowers in a fabulous marquee...

 Tarn and Bluebell getting started
 The Hops we used drying out...they were harvested near me this week so I thought  nice idea to use them -
 The tall thin table centres were wound round with hops ...

The low table centres - we did every table either high or low arrangements - were circular and we put big candles in the middle of them

Low ones waiting to go -

 Bouquets lined up in the studio -

Bridesmaid's bouquet

Bride's bouquet

Top table which was 4 metres long - makes a kind of flower bed on the bench!

Top table in situ - with hops garlanded -

Two hanging arrangements -

The long tall arrangements in situ -

The hanging ball before we pull it up - its still being decorated -

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