Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The garden at Rough Acre this summer.......and some newcomers to our family

View of the front of Rough Acre covered in Roses and Clematis.

View out of the back door into the courtyard

Hello from my studio....

Bluebell relaxing in the sun

A glory of Calendula...the Bees and the Butterflies Love it !!
my favourite old fashioned Rose
                                        Rough Acre beloved home!

                             The view out of the kitchen window

Flowers from the garden...

                           Lupins, Iris and Sweet Rocket in the big border
                                      view through the front door
 I grow loads of tomatoes and my favourite Basil in the greenhouse along with all my annual seedlings..

As you can see, sometimes its difficult to get in the front door - it does smell
 lovely with the Roses, Clematis and Honeysuckle!


Cosi at our flower arranging workshop in July..
 Fleur our new cat is watching the newly hatched chicks..........eagle eyed!
 The chicks are very safely penned in with their ever watchful, clucking, loving Mother Hen..

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